About us

Bearing in mind the dynamic and demanding market that is constantly changing, we answered with the modern equipment of the plant for aluminum extrusion, electrostatic powder coating and anodizing anode, as well as machinery for the processing of aluminum profiles.

The products that we market are various types of aluminum structures used in construction and industry. Our development is based solely on creating our own team of experts that monitors global trends in design and offer a complete series for the production of aluminum.

Our mission

To provide a quality product tailored to the specific needs of clients in architecture and industry, from idea to product finalization.

Our vision

To become a significant subject on the global market for aluminium production and processing while retaining top quality.

Feal - Perfection in aluminium

Feal in numbers

Employees of Feal group
Tons of annual production capacity
Different profiles
Tons of powder coated profiles annually
Tons of anodized profiles annually


Kvalitetu i sljedivost u proizvodnom lancu kontroliramo po normama koje nam propisuju standardi ISO 9001 te CE znak. U cijelom proizvodnom lancu koristimo modernu tehnologiju i sredstva zaštite te vršimo stalnu kontrolu prema zahtjevima norme ISO14001:2015, koja je jamac naše brige za okoliš. Posjedujemo certifikate ISO 3834 i 15085-2, koji nam omogućavaju izvođenje zahtjevnih zavarenih aluminijskih konstrukcija. Svoje proizvode s površinskom zaštitom, proizvodimo sukladno certifikatima Qualicoat, Qualanod i Qualideco. Vršimo ispitivanje kvalitete naših sustava u ovlaštenim laboratorijima:  IFT- Rosenheim, GBD Bregenz i IGH-Zagreb.

Our motto is:
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