We have two fully automatic anodizing lines.  We are certified by Qualanod, a quality labeling organization dedicated to maintaining and promoting the quality of anodized aluminum.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminum systems for the construction sector, we provide our customers with processing, painting and protection by the anodizing process. In our range we offer anodizing of aluminum in natural colors, bronze color from light to completely black and gold color.

Anodizing aluminum involves artificial reinforcement of the oxide layer, which is otherwise formed naturally under the influence of the atmosphere and protects aluminum from corrosion. It is performed in baths with sulfur or chromic acid, and the resulting layer is even, thick and glass-transparent, and is also ideal for decorative purposes.

Aluminum oxide is fully integrated into the aluminum metal structure so peeling is impossible. What is important to point out as an advantage in the anodizing process is durability, color stability and easy maintenance. The thickness of the anodized layer is from 18 to 22 microns as standard, and according to special requirements we also make other thicknesses of the anodized layer. 

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