Scholarships awarded to the fourth generation of FEAL scholarship holders


Scholarships for the fourth generation of students were ceremoniously awarded at the headquarters of the FEAL company. With scholarships, we try to financially facilitate the education of the best students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computing and construction.

For their success and excellence, ten new students were awarded 500 KM per month until the end of their studies. Our scholarship holders will, in accordance with the signed Agreement, perform professional practice and education within the company.

At FEAL, we make sure that students remain motivated, not only while studying, but also to encourage them to further education and training in the field of their interests.

Encouraged by the expressed interest of students for this type of scholarship, we intend to continue to motivate and reward the best students in the coming years, and we would like to thank all candidates for their time and applications for the competition.

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Aware that the future brings new challenges, Feal invests a lot in modern technologies and development, which ultimately leads to the goal of patenting a new process of production.
The Days of Architecture represent one of the biggest events in the field of architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are extremely pleased to have been the golden sponsors of this three-day gathering this year as well.
Today, at Feal’s headquarters in Široki Brijeg, scholarship agreements were signed for ten students of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and architecture.