Our company's corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a successful business practice that all companies and organizations should strive for, and in our company this means a successful business in three areas:

  1. Care for the employees
  2. Care for the community
  3. Environmental care

Care for the employees

In cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing of University of Mostar, we participated in the implementation of the GREEN and LEAN projects. This is exactly how we formed teams and encouraged our employees to get involved in changes in their random place and start thinking “green”. We have also introduced rewards for employees who have contributed to numerous changes in their work environment and thus encouraged others to be part of the project. As the highest priority of socially responsible business in the coming period, our company intends to continue with the strategy of investing in the academic community, expand existing cooperation with the University and increase the number of annual internships.

Care for the community

Suradnja s malim proizvođačima često može  biti “vjetar u leđa“ za razvoj pojedinih djelatnosti. Takvim načinom svoje kupce i dobavljače poklanjamo sa 100% autohtonim hercegovačkim proizvodima, a s druge strane pokazujemo najbolje od onog što nudi naša regija. Uz to podupiremo i brojne lokalne dobrotvorne akcije, kroz donacije i  sponzorstva. Ovaj vid suradnje se pokazao kao iznimno dobar motivator za razvoj i poticanje društvene zajednice.

Environmental care

Our company's production facilities adapt to market changes from year to year, and therefore due to awareness and desire to preserve the environment, last year we decided to purchase new compressors, which adjust energy consumption as needed, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. We purify process water discharges at a modernized automatic process water treatment plant. The use of modern technology and means of protection and constant control according to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard are the guarantor of our concern for the environment. In addition to authorized institutions, we regularly control water analysis in our own laboratory. At Feal, we take care of the methods and processes used within production, respecting the human environment and safety at work.
Our entire production is certified and we operate completely in accordance with European norms and standards.

Corporate social responsibility is an investment in the future. Our company wants to avoid environmental pollution and other damage that people do that by investing in the development of technology. Corporate social responsibility and marketing complement each other. In order to achieve social goals that are in the interest of the community and the organization, it is necessary to ensure communication between these two parties, and marketing, as a communication channel that appears here, offers several possible ways in which these set social goals can be achieved.

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