Architectural systems

Aluminum windows and doors provide a sustainable and flexible alternative to conventional materials thanks to their many advantages such as: longevity, narrow visible surfaces, various design, simple maintenance, high level of security, larger dimensions and possibility of recycling of basic materials.

If your needs demand high thermal performances, FEAL windows and doors with a thermal break are the solution. Thermal break is a continuous barrier between the interior and exterior aluminum profile. 

Entry doors occupy the central spot in every object and leave an important first impression. FEAL entry doors can be designed and made according to your specifications, and create a perfect balance between aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency. Whether you are looking for a timeless look that fits your facade or you want the door to attract attention, FEAL aluminum entry doors are the perfect choice, which embodies a modern design and a clean look.

Sliding systems occupy the minimal required space for opening and closing, and on the other hand provide maximum openness toward exterior ambience. Performance of various construction properties, waterproofing, airtightness and sound insulation is possible with a wide selection of profiles, fittings and seals.

FEAL facade systems are used as building envelopes, whether they are glass facades which enable maximum access to light, thus creating a comfortable environment for residing inside the building, or facade cladding, which offers a wide range of aesthetic solutions. FEAL also offers tailored solutions for aluminum facade projects that require a specific architectural design.

When a need for expansion of living space arises or you want to provide space for rest and recreation, a winter garden is an ideal solution. Lots of light provided by large glass surfaces bring the necessary solar energy into the interior space. Although winter garden constructions have their advantages at any time of the year, these advantages are most prominent during the winter periods.

FEAL partition systems have the capability to transform the interior of any space into a size or shape in accord with the specific demands and requirements of the given space.

FEAL fencing systems provide solutions for a wide application in fencing various exterior spaces such as: balconies, staircases, terraces, halls, courtyards, stands and similar. Having in mind that safety is the most important task of fencing systems, the system is tested according to European standard EN 1991-1-1.
Considering that safety is the most important task of fence systems, the system was tested in accordance with the European standard EN 1991-1-1.

Solar protection systems are used for partial or complete shading of openings, facade surfaces, balconies, terraces etc. FEAL assortment of solar protection offers a wide range of systems according to your requirements.

Dedicated profiles include window sills as a complementary system to FEAL window and door series, and profiles of general (profiles of correct shapes) and wide (al. profiles for car industry, furniture making, carpentry etc) application.