The safety and health of people is the basis of existence, and that is our guiding principle. And we offer our partners a wide range of products used in infrastructure works. That includes various systems for noise protection, constructions for vertical signalization, systems for equipping ancillary facilities and the like.

Noise barriers

Noise is one of the main causes of degradation of life quality, especially in urban environments where it is constantly present and affects on many aspects of everyday life. The purpose of implementation of protective walls against noise is to alleviate the consequences of noise pollution in urban areas and create a positive environment for people’s lives.

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Traffic signs

With its basic characteristics, aluminum has taken a significant place in the production of vertical signaling elements. Feal's wide range of products and technological production capabilities guarantee solutions to all requirements in this sector.

Lighting poles

Good mechanical properties of aluminum and our technological production capabilities, as well as the wide range of alloys we use, allow us to design and manufacture products for this purpose that will meet ALL static requirements and its surface protection and design will ensure product longevity and integration into the environment.