Aluminium solutions for the infrastructure sector

We offer our partners a wide range of products in the field of noise protection for railways, and extruded profiles for traffic signs.
Noise is one of the main factors that affects the quality of life, especially in urban environments where noise is constantly present and has an impact on a large number of aspects of everyday life.

Noise barriers placed directly on the roads (road or rail) are the most common and safest way to reduce the noise distribution. By applying a suffi cient height and adequate length barrier, immediately after the installation, the effect of reducing the noise level at the projected level is achieved. Appropriately selected barriers can reduce the noise level up to 15 dB, while transparent elements can go according to the requirements. In addition to noise protection, the noise barriers are also a safety barrier between the railway line and the surrounding area (providing protection from uncontrolled passage across the rail).

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For the purpose of maintenance, we produce service (access) doors that are an integral part of our offer and are compact with the noise barriers. We offer single and double-wing doors tested on the speed of trains up to 300 km/h.

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