Quality control

Quality control in production is equipped with special equipment for measuring of pressed Al-profile geometry and with equipment for testing of mechanical properties of materials.


Applying the Quality Management System according to ISO Standard 9001, at all organizational levels, we provide traceability of products from raw material inputs, production process, until the delivery of final product to the customer. Quality control of surface treatment layer is done by professional team in a modern equipped surface protection laboratory. Requested quality of incoming raw materials is confirmed by the manufacturer, with certificate for each batch separately. Testing and confirmation of Feal’s final systems quality certificate is done in equipped and for that authorized laboratories: IGH Zagreb, IFT-Rosenheim and GBD Bregenz. IFT- Rosenheim, GBD Bregenz i IGH-Zagreb.

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In our range of services we also offer testing and issuing certificates in accordance with the certification house ift Rosenheim. Types of testing can be computer simulations of conditions, or specific simulations at your own test center. We have signed a contract for the certification of our laboratory (test center) by ift Rosenheim. The main purpose of the laboratory for product validation is quality control of existing products as well as control during the development of new products. The laboratory has equipment on which it is possible to test products (windows, doors and facades) on:
  • Air permeability according to EN 12207/1026, ASTM 283-04 and according to 12153/12152
  • Watertightness according to EN 12208/1027, ASTM 331-00 and according to 12155/12154
  • Resistance to wind EN 12210/12211, ASTM 330-02 and 12179/13116
The test results can be used for information purposes as well as to obtain certificate documentation that can be used when issuing the CE mark for the export of goods to the EU.


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