A work meeting of the Management of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering of University of Mostar and the management of FEAL was held


On Monday, November 14, 2022, a working meeting of the Management of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering of the University of Mostar was held with the management of FEAL Široki Brijeg.
The meeting was attended by FEAL Director Ante Musa, Head of Commercial Technical Services Ivan Kovačić, Technical and Technological Preparation Darko Martinović, Head of Quality Control Department Božo Goluža, Project Bureau Manager Ivo Barbarić, Director of Galileo d.o.o. Blago Čuljak, and the Dean of the Faculty, Ph.D. Davorka Šaravanja, vice dean for scientific research and projects, Ph.D. Nebojša Rašović and head of mechanical engineering studies, Ph.D. Adisa Vučina.
In February 2022, the Agreement between FEAL and the Faculty was signed on cooperation on scientific research, development and educational projects of mutual interest, especially on:

  • research and development projects and expertise with the aim of perfecting technical and technological solutions in FEAL from the scientific competences of FSRE;
  • Report and implementation of joint research and development projects according to domestic and international funding sources;
  • Mutual promotion through their websites in order to jointly promote the technical call, showing the technique as something desirable and interesting, but also the top quality of FEAL company products;
  • Education of FEAL workers through specialist seminars, workshops, lectures, professional and university studies, specialist postgraduate studies, postgraduate doctoral studies, etc.;
  • Cooperation in the development of education and training of FEAL workers through the development of the concept of lifelong education and training;
  • Professional and practical training of FSRE students through professional lectures, through student internships, visits to important FEAL projects, workshops, etc.

After the presentation by the FSRE Management, where the possibilities and capacities of the Faculty were presented, some engineers from the company FEAL defined their areas of work in the company and presented concrete possibilities of cooperation with the Faculty through the areas of testing, numerical analysis, 3D modeling, welding. Blago Čuljak, on behalf of the Galileo company, offered cooperation on joint projects that would improve the professional education of our assistants and students studying computer science.
The meeting took place in a pleasant and constructive atmosphere, FEAL representatives expressed their readiness for future cooperation on concrete projects and further steps of joint work were agreed upon.

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Aware that the future brings new challenges, Feal invests a lot in modern technologies and development, which ultimately leads to the goal of patenting a new process of production.
The Days of Architecture represent one of the biggest events in the field of architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are extremely pleased to have been the golden sponsors of this three-day gathering this year as well.
Today, at Feal’s headquarters in Široki Brijeg, scholarship agreements were signed for ten students of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and architecture.