Fitting - an important detail of every joinery

Aluminum joinery on the building can be made of movable and immovable elements. Movable or opening elements of the facade provide the user with a direct connection to external influences. In order for the movable elements to be movable and to ensure good sealing in the closed position, they are secured through mechanisms called "fittings".

Fittings are extremely important for proper functioning, durability and comfort when using the elements. The first quality indicator of the installed hardware are its fittings. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to them when choosing and buying. Fittings are an important detail of windows and doors that ensures opening, closing, ventilation but safety as well. There are many types of fittings on the market as well as manufacturers, and its quality depends on your choice. Prominent features of the fittings that need to be taken into account are quality, energy savings, design and easy adjustment.

Conjunctions, brackets and hinges - some of the types of fittings

The advantage of our systems is the ability to adapt to reputable European fittings manufacturers, which in turn provides the customer with a wide choice. The following fitting manufacturers should definitely be mentioned here: HAUTAU, GU, GIESSE and ROTO.

All fittings are dimensioned to withstand the loads contained in the moving element "wing" such as the weight of the glass or filling. Any subsequent loading of the wings can lead to damage to the fittings or their movement. Regular inspection and maintenance of the fittings is very important. The time interval between individual controls depends on the situation, i.e. the environment in which it is located and the number of opening/closing windows and doors. Irregularities that can be caused by fittings can be shown by visual inspection and, based on that, the correct maintenance measure can be performed. The first indicators of poor quality fittings are the problems that occur during opening and closing windows and their swaying. Therefore, when choosing fittings, it is necessary to choose exactly what suits your needs, and you can look for such answers from the experts of our company who are always at your disposal.

Maintaining the hardware in aluminum joinery is also important. We can carry out the maintenance elements ourselves after a visual inspection. If a visual inspection shows that your openings produce sounds, we can lubricate the moving parts ourselves with machine oil. Contamination of the moving parts of the fittings can occur due to the accumulation of dust on the lubricated elements. This contamination is removed with a soft brush, after which the residue is removed with a soft cloth, and finally, movable elements are lubricated with machine oil. During operation, it is not allowed to place barriers between the wing and the frame of the opening, as this can damage the fittings. If during a visual inspection we find that some screws have loosened, we can tighten them ourselves with a suitable tool, without applying too much tightening force, so as not to damage the screws. If, on the other hand, the opening is in such a state that it does not adhere well while it is closed or closes itself in an open position, then it is necessary to call in experts to eliminate these flaws.

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