Aluminum profiles without a thermal break

Aluminium profiles without a thermal break (cold profiles) are widely used in interiors and in objects where thermal insulation is not necessary. A wide selection of profiles, fittings and seals enables the creation of various construction forms.

Common characteristics:

  • possibility of different ways of opening
  • fittings for euro groove
  • EPDM seals (peroxide vulcanization)
  • primary aluminum, alloys EN AW -6060
  • surface protection: anodizing, plasticization and decoration by sublimation

The cold aluminum profile is suitable for internal partitions, premises or places with uniform temperature. Given that aluminum is an excellent thermal conductor, a cold profile is recommended where thermal insulation is less important, such as interior windows, shutters, partitions and doors. The thermal bridge is a plastic insert along the profile that serves to separate the outer from the inner part of the profile to prevent moisture condensation.

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