Aluminum profiles with a thermal break

Due to its light construction, strength and durability, aluminum hardware is placed in the first place and has become indispensable in almost all objects. When choosing the right hardware, it is first necessary to determine the purpose of the object on which the new hardware will be installed.

Aluminum hardware is divided into two kinds of profiles:

  • Aluminum so-called cold profile
  • Aluminum - polyamide tapes - aluminum so-called warm profile

Profiles with a thermal break have properties of high quality, hardness and capacity, but what distinguishes them from other profiles is thermal insulation. The profiles consist of two parts, which are interconnected by a polyamide strip. In this way, heat transfer from the inner to the outer part and vice versa is prevented. The need for more energy efficient systems arose from the request for decrease of energy loss through outer walls, windows and doors. Aluminum profiles with a thermal break ensure excellent thermal insulation and are recommended for external doors and windows.

Sistem profila bez PTM-a (lijevo) i sistem profila s PTM-om (desno)
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