Five hydraulic presses for the production of aluminum profiles

In our production facility we have a modern plant for pressing of profiles. Pressing is carried out on five presses with installed power of 14 MN, 18 MN, 25 MN and 35 MN. The top quality of products is guaranteed both by the most sophisticated equipment and by the expertly, highly trained and professional staff which handles it.

Pressed profile comes out on the output table, where it is accepted by system of pullers, that enables through its construction a continual conducting of profiles along the exit and cooling table during pressing. System for intensive cooling of profiles is located under and above the exit table and along the transport table of a double length. Its basic purpose is cooling by a directed air stream with possibility of regulating the cooling intensity and achieving of an optimal cooling degree for various aluminium alloys. If a higher degree of cooling is required, cooling with water is used, or so called water wave, where significantly greater speeds are achieved, which is of a particular significance at pressing of harder alloys. Cooling table is divided into several temperature zones and enables lateral moving of profiles pressed in regard to table axis by the system of endless belt, which eliminates possibility of profile’s mechanical damages in relation to the traditional walking beam mode/way of moving. Mechanical equation/alignment of profiles is achieved at the tensioner, which is completely automatized and handled by a single operator with usage and help of video monitoring.

Cutting and sorting of profiles

After tensioning, profiles are cut on required dimensions (automatic cutting up to the lengths of 13 meters) and then goes to automatic sorter, sorting into baskets without assistance of physical work, where upon the possibility of eventual damage due to handling is excluded. After sorting, transport system moves the baskets to the automatic sorter, which sorts up to four baskets on the top of each other and transports them to the furnace for heat-treatment of profiles.

Heat treatment of profiles

In order to achieve the required, physical-mechanical properties of the profiles, after sorting they go to the furnace for artificial aging, where they are kept for 6 hours at the temperature of 180 °C. After the heat treatment they are sent to the automatic basket divider and to the raw profiles storage.


Press power 14, 18, 25 AND 35 MN

14 MN
18 MN
25 MN
35 MN
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