We have 5 modern aluminium presses (14MN, 18MN, 35MN and two 25MN presses). Lines vary in strength of installed presses. Dimensions of cross-sectional profile and its required mechanical properties defines: material, pressing tool and line on which profile will be produced.

We have 5 modern hydraulic presses (14MN, 18MN, 35MN and two 25MN presses). The annual pressing capacity is 55.000 tons.

We are processing aluminium billets from primary aluminium. 6060, 6063, 6005A, 6082, different alloys are available upon request. The type of alloy and method of heat treatment after pressing determines the mechanical properties of profiles. In the following charts some alloys are shown with its chemical composition and mechanical properties after pressing. The quality of alloy’s chemical composition is guaranteed by the manufacturer.