We have 6 modern aluminium presses (14MN, 18MN, two 35MN and two 25MN presses). The annual pressing capacity is 80.000 tons.

On the surface protection line we protect aluminium profiles, sheets and other parts made of aluminium with anodisation and electrostatic powder coating.

In the area of machining we cover various processes. CNC machining, bending, welding, polishing, grinding, assembling...

Joining line for PTM/ITB profiles of total installed capacity of 8000 T / year. Equipped with modern CNC machines, that enable the connection of profile of the largest cross-section 410x360 mm.
Applying the Quality Management System according to ISO Standard 9001, at all organizational levels, we provide traceability of products from raw material inputs, production process, until the delivery of final product to the customer.