All advantages of aluminum joinery

Aluminum joinery is one of the highest quality options when installing on buildings, apartments or houses. The most common question is why choose aluminum joinery besides many cheaper options offered on the market. One of the first advantages that should definitely be pointed out is the longevity of the installed elements and easy maintenance. Also, the important thing about aluminum joinery is its durability and resistance, unlike other more affordable options. It is resistant to weather conditions and protects objects from strong wind gusts and possible large floods that can damage the object.

The next advantage of aluminum joinery is its aesthetics. In this respect, it is much more elegant and thinner than other types of hardware and is possible in different shapes and sizes. Feal's systems are also available in all colours and dimensions which provides the customer with an inexhaustible source of inspiration. All types of aluminum joinery can be made according to the wishes and requirements of customers, which gives us a great advantage in the market. 

When the customer has already decided to choose aluminum joinery, the next important item is to choose a processor. When selecting a processor, the following items need to be considered. First of all, these are the technical characteristics of the product, all the necessary quality certificates, guarantees for the manufactured installation system and technical support for all questions and possible ambiguities.

All systems developed within Feal are certified in relevant laboratories and tested in a test center for air permeability, watertightness and wind impact load in accordance with the requirements of the standard. 

Our company is the largest regional manufacturer of aluminum systems, which has been operating on the market for more than 40 years and offers more than 43 systems developed within the company and with their quality confirmed by certificates of authorized laboratories IGH-Zagreb, IFT-Rosenheim and GBD Bregenz. After choosing the type of joinery, something especially important without which the whole previous process would not make sense is the installation of hardware that drastically affects the energy efficiency in the interior. It is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of hardware workshops because proper installation contributes to the durability of the hardware and ease of use. The final installation according to RAL standards, which enables resistance to weather conditions, optimal sealing and sound insulation is especially important. In order to take care of the needs of our customers through branches in all major cities in the region, we provide technical support and education of customers so that their ideas are realized with mutual satisfaction. You can see the list of our branches here.

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