Aluminium components for vehicles

Aluminum profiles produced in Feal are used in all types of vehicles. On request, we can design profile cross-sections based on static and functional requirements of the partner. At our extrusion plants, we are able to deliver profiles up to 20 kg per meter length, up to 400 mm wide and 13 meters long. Feal delivers finished parts made of aluminum profile that can be seamlessly integrated into the production processes of all types of vehicles. Manufactured to industry standards, and all applicable standards, our aluminum profile constructions and assemblies for chassis and superstructures prove their ability in the toughest conditions of continuous use. Even when carrying heavy loads and loads that are aggressive in their chemical composition and structure.


Aluminium components for trucks

By choosing aluminum as the material for the parts, trucks become lighter. Lighter trucks ensure lower costs and reduce environmental impact. Structured aluminum parts for your truck's chassis, cab and trailer will give you better safety and less weight. With the use of aluminum:
  • The exterior parts will have a surface of high aesthetic class and corrosion resistance
  • Interior parts give improved aesthetics, functionality, comfort and durability
  • chassis constructions will make drive assemblies safer and lighter

Aluminium components for trains

Aluminum is one of the main materials used in train construction.

Due to its low weight, good workability, durability and response to high aesthetic requirements, it is used in the production of linings and interior parts of passenger cars, supporting construction of the chassis, floor and seats, window frames, etc.


Aluminium components for buses

Reducing the weight of buses is key to their sustainability in passenger transport, and aluminum is one of the best materials to achieve this goal. The advantages of using aluminum in the bus industry are multiple. Aluminum can be extruded into long complex shapes, allowing for unlimited design and integrally strong secure structures Modern buses with aluminum bodies are up to 50% lighter than those built with conventional construction methods. This increases the number of people that can be transported for a certain maximum allowable weight and reduces the cost of driving, the benefits of which are fully exploited given the long distances the buses travel or the frequent stops and starts from bus stops in public transport. From an environmental point of view, the use of aluminum reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Aluminium components for ships

Aluminum as a material in shipbuilding - a rapidly growing trend. In the marine and nautical industries, weight savings are one of the most important cost savings. It has a direct impact on transport costs, as well as on the costs and time for installation and dismantling, certainly increasing the carrying capacity and loading capacity of the vessel. Aluminum reduces weight without sacrificing structural strength The unique design qualities of extruded aluminum give you extremely high torsional strength resistance. Aluminum has an excellent material for the marine and coastal environment due to its corrosion resistance which directly affects the reduction of maintenance costs and extends the life of vessels and coastal equipment.

Aluminium components for bicycles

Due to their workability, weldability, strength and light weight, extruded aluminum profiles have become indispensable and irreplaceable in the manufacture of bicycle wheel frames and frames and car bike racks.