Aluminum solutions for the transport sector

Aluminum solutions for the transport sector (trucks, trains, motor vehicles, ships, airplanes). Resistance to corrosion, light weight, shine, and especially good appearance, represents aluminum as a key material for the transport sector. Whether it is interior or exterior parts, or unloading ramps, Feal offers a wide range of different solutions.

We are focused on cooperation with large and demanding customers that resulted with numerous projects with companies like Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom with whom we work directly or as component manufacturers for their other suppliers. (Saint-Gobain, Lipik Glas, Flachglas Wernberg GmbH..)

In addition to all the production possibilities, and with the aim of getting even closer to our partners, we are able to offer you the transport of goods to the destination with our modern vehicle fleet.


In the case of the need for special packaging of the ordered goods, our team of technologists is at your disposal for all kinds of proposals, with the aim of safe transport and delivery to the place of final destination. In this way, we can guarantee the protection of your products during the entire transport and storage.

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