Let us be responsible to ourselves and the environment by respecting protection measures in the fight against Coronavirus.


The health and safety of our employees and customers always come first. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus infection, FEAL is from 17.03.2020. limited the work of production and other departments. We responsibly implement preventive protection measures in accordance with the recommendations and instructions of the World Health Organization, as well as enhanced hygiene and sanitary measures in all segments of our business.

Due to the appearance of the first diseased in our country, we sent employees a series of measures and advice related to increased hygiene care as a first step and other instructions on how to behave in relation to customers, suppliers and other participants in everyday work. We equipped the company with disinfection dispensers at all frequent locations and held training for all production and storage workers.

We are organizationally ready to respond to challenges that may arise.

Thanks to numerous communication channels and digital tools, we have enabled our employees to work from home. In addition to a number of concrete measures, we have established a team for crisis situations that monitor the situation in the environment on a daily basis and inform all its employees in a timely manner. Regardless of all the measures taken, it is clear that the corona virus will leave unforeseeable consequences on the economy. FEAL will invest its effort and effort to prevent negative economic effects and save jobs.

We believe that we will successfully solve this challenge if we are sufficiently responsible to ourselves and the environment, fully respecting the instructions of the crisis headquarters.

On this occasion, we are obliged to thank all doctors and health professionals who risk their health in the fight against the virus. We also emphasize all drivers, carriers and employees in the transport sector who work to ensure that our economy bears the burden of the current crisis. Our decision is in accordance with the instructions of the local government and guided by our principles and social responsibility.

Thank you for understanding!

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