Modernized plant for powder coating


FEAL's mission is to continuously expand and modernize its business process. Following this, we modernized the plasticization plant. We currently have three automatic drives and one robotic line

The goal of this investment is to reduce delivery times and increase productivity. The cabins of the German company Wagner have been installed, which represents the most modern technological achievements as well as the Voga Makina IC furnace.

The plasticization of aluminum profiles is actually the painting of the profiles, which takes place in several phases: pre-treatment, electrostatic powder coating and baking in the oven. Pre-treatment of the profile achieves a protective conversion layer that enables good adhesion of the powder and the durability and resistance of the paint to corrosion and negative atmospheric influence. After pre-treatment and drying in the drying oven, the powder is applied to the profile by electrostatic process, after which the profile is baked. 

Industrial robots with six axes of movement, high handling capacity and ATEX certification for zone 2, enabled even application of powder on profiles as well as application of powder on hard-to-reach places (holes and grooves). With robots, perfect repeatability, high precision and high quality on different types of profiles are achieved. Baking at a temperature of 180 ° C melts the powder particles and the chemical reaction of crosslinking or polymerization and the formation of a hardened layer. After the whole process, the profile is cooled, packed and ready for delivery. The products are delivered in standard colors according to the FEAL tone chart, and other colors can be delivered at the customer's request. 

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The range of plasticizing powders is wide and offers almost all combinations of colors and gloss. 

Plasticization is monitored and controlled during all phases, and the quality of products is controlled in Feal's laboratory in accordance with the requirements of the international certificates of Qualicoat from Zurich and GSB from Düsseldorf.

Max dimensions of a profile which can be plasticized:

Max profile length: 7.100mm
Max profile height: 2.200mm
Max profile width: 300mm

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Aware that the future brings new challenges, Feal invests a lot in modern technologies and development, which ultimately leads to the goal of patenting a new process of production.
The Days of Architecture represent one of the biggest events in the field of architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are extremely pleased to have been the golden sponsors of this three-day gathering this year as well.
Today, at Feal’s headquarters in Široki Brijeg, scholarship agreements were signed for ten students of the Faculty of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and architecture.