Minister Nermin Džindić visited FEAL and emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Government of the Federation and the private sector


FEAL hosted representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, headed by Minister Nermin Džindić, and discussed the expansion of the production facility, the constant growth of the number of employees in 2021 and the strengthening of cooperation between the Federation Government and the private sector.

ŠIROKI BRIJEG - A meeting of FEAL management headed by CEO Ante Musa and representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry headed by Minister Nermin Džindić was held in the premises of FEAL Široki Brijeg.

Representatives of the Ministry visited the production facilities of FEAL, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the method of production and the most modern available technology for aluminum processing in this part of Europe. In the showroom, they discussed the entire range of products that FEAL has at its disposal. After visiting the production facilities, a work meeting was held where representatives of FEAL gave a presentation and explained future plans related to the expansion of production capacity and continued exports to numerous European and world markets. The meeting discussed the future plans of the Ministry and better connections and cooperation with the private sector.

Minister Nermin Džindić believes that cooperation between the private sector and the Federation Government is of special importance.

"FEAL is the largest producer of aluminum profiles on the domestic market, which employs more than 700 employees and is export-oriented. It is a pleasure to see all the production technology from CNC machines to presses from world manufacturers ", the Minister pointed out.

He added that the company employs young staff, which is evidenced by the fact that the average age of employees is 34 years. 

FEAL CEO Ante Musa thanked the Minister for the visit and expressed satisfaction that there is interest in what the company is doing.


"We are glad that the Minister came to FEAL and saw the entire production process on the spot, got acquainted with the investments over the past years and visited the part of the production plant where the expansion and reconstruction of Farbara 1 and Farbara 2 has just been completed." I believe that the cooperation of the private sector with the Government of the Federation is of great importance and with intensive and active efforts it is necessary to ensure that it continues for the benefit of all of us, "said Director Musa.

Our vision is to become a significant entity in the global market in the production and processing of aluminum without deviating from top quality. We have been guided by this vision in recent years and we continue to work and achieve new goals and thus be side by side with the world's largest manufacturers of aluminum systems, CEO Musa added.

After the work meeting, Minister Džindić together with the representatives of FEAL went on a tour of the Jelovača wind farm. It is a wind farm with 18 turbines with a total capacity of 36 MW, which was put into operation in 2019, and whose investor is FEAL d.o.o. Široki Brijeg. The annual production of the wind farm is 108 GWh and it is located in the municipality of Tomislavgrad.

CEO Musa also introduced Minister Džindić to the works on the Tušnica wind farm, which is scheduled to start operating in 2023. It is a wind farm with 11 turbines with a total capacity of 72.6 MW, with a planned annual production of 220 GWh.

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