Interview: Ante Musa, the new CEO of FEAL


1. You are the largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles in the domestic market and a company that has been present for more than 40 years. To what extent are you satisfied with your market position?

FEAL, as you have already said, has been present on the market for more than 40 years and has a long tradition in this demanding industry. We maintain the title of the largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles by constantly increasing production capacity and investing in labor, machinery and technology. The dynamics of the business environment in the markets in which we are present is different depending on the market in question, so we adapt and position ourselves. A large percentage of exports is something that characterizes us in BiH and the region, so we are most oriented to export markets and we are currently satisfied with the positions we have gained over the years with our work and we are still in full swing to win a bigger share in each of them. . The constant increase in production is a consequence of better positioning and increasing market share, which is why we are extremely satisfied with what we have achieved.

2. What sets you apart from the market, or what makes you recognizable?

FEAL as one of the largest exporters in BiH (over 80% of production is exports) is present in many European markets. The requirements of each market are different in many ways, but what they all have in common is that everyone wants and expects top quality no matter what you do. Over the years, FEAL has grown into a recognizable name internationally, and what sets it apart in the market are innovation and quality. The countries to which we export our products are manufacturers of a wide range of products composed of our profiles, which we are extremely proud of. Most of the exports go to Germany, which we can rightly consider our largest market, and everyone knows a bit stereotypically that Germans are the ones who strive for perfection and that there is no compromise for that aspiration. Therefore, I would like to emphasize quality and seriousness in doing business as the most important elements of FEAL's recognizability as a company, and product recognition along with quality is the innovation of our employees who are constantly working on new products and improving existing ones.

3. You are equipped with modern plants for aluminum pressing, electrostatic plasticizing and anodic anodizing. Can you tell us a little more about that?

In response to this question, I would use an old folk proverb: "Without tools there is no craft" which in a somewhat humorous way shows our, but also the desire of every serious manufacturer to constantly improve production capacity and invest in new machines and technologies. Without investing in modern technology, there is no quality product because customer requirements are becoming higher, and it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to meet these requirements. The certifications we have gained over the years would not be achievable without the technology we possess.

4. The products you offer on the market are various types of aluminum constructions, which are used in construction and industry. Can you draw a parallel between production for the domestic and foreign markets?

The parallel between the domestic and foreign markets is not easy to draw, not only because of the backwardness of the domestic market in terms of technology and progress, although we are witnessing rapid changes and progress in the domestic market, which makes me very happy, but also because of activities not in the domestic market.
Our experiences in working in foreign markets have always been positive and accordingly we strive to nurture these relationships, and the result of success in this market are our branches in EU countries (Austria, Germany, Croatia) and countries in the region (Serbia, Montenegro). Gora). Production for the domestic market, which is different from the foreign market, in many ways requires the same commitment in the production of products and their quality. The domestic market, which accounts for slightly less than 20% of production, is connected through several branches, the most recent of which is arranged in Banja Luka, while there are also Sarajevo, Mostar and Široki Brijeg.

5. Your products are attested and certified in institutes such as IFT Rosenheim, GBD Bregenz, IGH Zagreb. How much do you stand out in the market?

Certification and Attestation of products are inevitable for export because with these certificates we prove our quality and longevity of products, especially if you are not easily recognized in the sea of ​​"the same" products and manufacturers. I consider the certificates a competitive advantage and recognition of our work to create something that meets the standards of much more developed countries. Modern society creates modern consumers and thus people who skillfully use technology and very easily find your product and often ask for a purchase decision with the confirmation of some authority, which in this case is one of the above institutes where we obtained certificates according to clearly defined parameters. standardized worldwide. Of course, we are not the only ones who have these certificates, but we strive to be the first to acquire them and adhere to them to improve products. In addition to certificates for products and production, FEAL conducts its business according to the norms prescribed by ISO standards, of which I would like to point out ISO14001: 2004, which is the guarantor of our care for the environment through the use of modern technology and protection throughout the production chain.

6. What are the novelties from the FEAL range?

Of the novelties, I would single out the GH-40 systems. The GH-40 system is used to make accordion shutters that are ideal for terrace and balcony partitions, primarily as sun protection. The system allows for different wing fillings. The characteristics of this system are: modern lines, simplicity and a diverse typology of construction and resistance to all weather conditions.

7. One design stands out in particular. Given the attractive design of the Inowa system, which was created as a result of many years of cooperation between FEAL and ROTO, can you present it in a little more detail?

The Inowa system is a combination of attractive design and functionality that complements the ease of operation. A system that is attractive to architects and investors due to its design because it has a wide application and good characteristics and meets all the highest standards in terms of waterproofing, energy efficiency and resistance to wind loads. This system and similar sliding systems used to be most often used for catering facilities, but today their application is much wider. We created this system in cooperation with ROTO thanks to the application of high-tech materials. We created the Inowa system in accordance with the wishes and needs of customers and it proved to be a complete success because it combines safety, energy savings and greater penetration of daylight. The frame depth of this system is 156 mm, while the wing depth is 70 mm. We achieved good thermal characteristics by filling with extruded polystyrene or XPS. EPDM seals were used to seal the profiles.

8. And finally, given that you are a company that is recognized as quality and successful, tell us what is your recipe for success?

Our mission is to constantly monitor world trends in aluminum processing and continuously invest in modern technologies with continuous training of professional staff and the adoption of European standards of production and business.
The goal and guideline is to maintain a leading position in the wider region in the production of construction systems, expand into the EU market in the segment of industrial profiles and increase production. One of the main priorities is to provide all employees with the best possible working conditions, because they are the pride and pillar of our Company, without them there would be no FEAL. For success, it is first of all necessary to organize the work of the whole team well, give them the wind in their backs, support and instructions in any situation, because the team forms a whole that goes forward and achieves good results taking into account the opinions of colleagues.

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