Green aluminium - Production of aluminium using energy obtained from renewable sources


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become the first country in the world to use solar energy to produce aluminium thus representing a major milestone on the path to decarbonising the global manufacturing industry.

The Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park with an installed capacity of more than 1.000 MW is in the process of producing electricity for the Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) aluminum smelter, which is enough to produce 40,000 tons of aluminum. Dubal is part of the Emirates Global Aluminum Group and also one of the largest suppliers of aluminum logs of our company.

Aware that the future brings new challenges, Feal invests a lot in modern technologies and development, which ultimately leads to the goal of patenting a new process of production of aluminum profiles with less emissions.

Feal currently has solar panels with an installed capacity of 1.4 MW, and we use the produced electricity for our own production needs. It was emphasized that this process is extremely important because it indicates how useful solar energy is actually as a renewable resource.

Industry development and metal production has so far always been considered a process whose production requires fossil fuels to be safe in electricity production believing that no other resource can achieve the large energy capacities required. Given that the use of renewable energy sources and thus solar production is increasing, it can be said that in this way the way has been opened for the future transformation of the energy sector. It is on this track that we developed a system for photovoltaic power plants FNE-2000 crucial for sustainable development.

With the development of photovoltaic power plants and the growing realization of the same requires fast, simple and flexible design of substructure systems. Feal FNE solutions enable the acceptance of most commercially available photovoltaic modules, and each construction has the ability to adapt to different dimensions of solar panels.

FNE-2000 is a system developed for ground mounting and various types of foundation construction. The complete solution is designed for quick, easy and clean on-site installation, without additional processing requirements. 

Solar energy will certainly become one of the most important energy sources, crucial for sustainable development and stimulating economic growth.

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