Why are aluminium fences so unique?

Modern appearance, resistance, durability, elegance and value for money are just some of the essential characteristics of aluminum fencing systems that have become unimaginable in modern architecture. Aluminum fences and handrails represent the best solution due to their simple installation, maintenance and durability.

Aluminum fences consist of aluminum profiles and fittings and combining these gives us various shapes and functionally adapted types of fences. Aluminum construction parts can be combined with glass fillings or fillings of other materials.

When it comes to maintaining aluminum fences, it is very simple and can be viewed from two points of view:

  • Aesthetic maintenance
  • Functional maintenance

In the case of aesthetic maintenance, all the above rules for the maintenance of aluminum hardware apply. The maintenance interval depends on the frequency of fence usage and whether they are interior or exterior fences.

Exterior fences are usually exposed to direct atmospheric influence and therefore the cleaning is somewhat more frequent. Fence cleaning is performed with a mild jet of water and simultaneous wiping with a soft cloth. It is not allowed to use sharp objects for cleaning which can damage the surface layer of aluminum construction.

For functional maintenance, it is necessary to check for the solidity of the fence on a monthly basis. If a minimal movement of the fence is noted, it is necessary to contact experts, in order to improve the safety of the fence. Avoid hanging on the fence when cleaning on higher altitudes.

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